Monday, January 16, 2006

1. I thought nudity wasn't allowed on myspace? I give it a ten for courage.

2. Tom Cruise was waaaaay better before he got all crazy cult-member. He used to be cool-remember that? He had the best shades, the cockiest demeanor, and the best money-making ideas around. This is what he would have been like if he had already been a christian scientist, instead. Five.

3. RRRREEEOWWWRR! I'm a cat! I'm a crazy nikki-six wannabe cat! I'm so cool hell froze over when I flew to Argentina! If I had more jelly bracelets I would be gay. But I don't. So I am a cool cat. eight points, babay, eight points.

4.This picture has a message. and that message is:I am trapped in high school. four points. That's pretty scary.

5. "what DON'T you have in that toolbelt, Batman?" I give her a five.

6. Happy, pretty, and dressed to the nines! The onyl problem in this whole photo is the nails. I know some people like them like that but Man. O Man.

7. Usually this is the type of girl I just rip apart. They touch some dark and ancient evil inside me. They are just too good-the kind who get everything handed to them, pretty, nice, funny, relatively smart, get a free ride in college from daddy, parents love them, guys think they're hot but not threatening, rich kids...and then I see their parents on the news crying because they go missing, til a year or two later they turn up in some crappy soft-core porno flick, because they ran away to LA to get laid by movie stars and get famous, and started using meth, and all that. Brooke w anyone? Who wants to bet she's making softcore anal porn?

Oh sorry I got off topic. I give her a nine because she's just so...happy. Not in a privileged my-pretty-new-porsche kind of way, either.

7. How many times do I have to tell you people not to post pictures of your pet! You ARE NOT your pet!

8. Oh. She gets all the wrath I didn't use up on the blond chick. Hate. Hate. Hate. If I was a guy I would draw a black eye on this in photoshop. One point.

9. Now this is good. Crazed, maybe drunk, certainly out of breath/ The hair is gorgeous. I give her an eight.

9. It's like the whole sorority house like, went through the wonka-cleaner-mobile thingy, and, like, we were all like totally stretched out!

10. I saw this website once where it was orthodontal surgery, before and after shots of really bad over and underbites, and then how they looked afterward. I don't think this is a bad picture but it reminds me of that website. It's just so focused on the teeth. Five points for good hygiene.

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