Monday, January 16, 2006


This is just totally creepy. When I read these "hinty" how-to websites they make my blood run cold. I am NOT a deer in the headlights! Women are NOT thinking "my, how suave he is! I am dazed by his firm touch and for some reason I feel COMPELLED to fuck him, I wonder why?"

Subliminal messages don't work this way. What she is thinking is "Oh man that was somehow really revolting, but I can't quite put my finger on exactly WHY that guy makes me want to vomit. Let go of me you FREAK!"

here's the site, in case you want to learn how to make me sick up my lunch sometime, by being creepy with your NLP skills. I have had guys do this kind of stuff and I swear it is just repellent. There's this one guy that I talked to one night, he seemed normal and cool enough, not unattractive, and he asked me if I wanted to go play pool with him sometime. I said OK, we'll maybe try to do that, but then when he said goodnight he touched my lower back, just brushy like it was an accident. O man I almost hurled on him. I felt like someone had rubbed shit on me. It was just so....creepy! Creepy! EEEWWW!!! Don't fucking touch people! Were you absent the day in kindergarten when they explained "personal space"? Like, a handshake is sensible. A handshake is friendly. A smile is nice. But reaching lightly for my ass LIKE I DIDN'T NOTICE IT??? I am NOT blind or senseless! I can tell you are creepy! I CAN TELL!!!

It was supposed to, I presume, make me think of having his hands elsewhere-which I immediately decided was no longer interesting. Gross. I spoke to the guy a few weeks later and he told me it was a "technique" (his word) he'd learned from some website. How horrific. He was doing fine until he tried to mesmerize me. What, this poor guy can only get a date by swinging a watch at a girl and intoning "you are sleeeepy" in some sepulchral voice, wjhile his eyes are all marty-feldman-swirly-crazed? It's freaking ridiculous and it is a turn off...

Like, a handshake is sensible. A handshake is friendly. A smile is nice. But A pause, and then some kind of "trying to be intense" moment during a handshake? WHAT THE FUCK? Let go you FREAK! Don't touch people in places they haven't offered for you! Don't try to hide what you are after, or try to make them ask you for something YOU want...spineless cowards! Shifty, no-honor, unchivalrous, lying leeches! It is just unattractive!

It's so much better to se the guy take a risk, you know, rather than subliminally trying to implant the notion that they are "charming" into your head when you are not looking. what, you don't know how to talk to people ? You have NO social skills at all? I have had men that were terrified of women, truly, do better than this just by saying "I am scared but I like you. " How much cooler is THAT????

It implies that any woman in their right mind will not "put out" unless they are first hypnotized. Why not just get yourself a tranquilizer gun and just shoot them so they'll like you? Isn't that easier than BEING someone women would like? Gawd! Fuck!

"whatever happened to, nice sweater, would you care to dance?"

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Gutterbroom said...

Hi. That's my image, the "Learn How To Hypnotize" painting. I'd like to let you all know that. If you're going to use it, I would like a credit. Thanks,

Marc Nischan