Friday, March 23, 2007

seeking rep

Well, my previous agent has finally retired completely ( damn breeders! )
So I'm searching now for an artist's rep, officially.

This is a job for someone organized and motivated, who has an understanding of the marketing needed to sell and promote paintings, prints, and small sculptures, as well as the ability to set up and execute decisions with me as relates to do print runs, facilities for printing, marketing illustrations and prints, picking up/dropping off work, and general encouragement.

Real art world experience is required, along with dedication and some kind of interest in what I'm doing...I am not looking for years of experience doing exactly this job, but I don't want a friend to make promises to me, either. I'm looking for someone who can, and will, push my career; not someone who will simply take pictures to local bars. Someone who knows the art scene in the Northwest/Cascadia would be the best.

I'm looking for a good agent who won't quit in a year or two to pop out a kid, but you can pretend I didn't say that.

Pay is by commission only; no stipend dealers, etc...or galleries. I want someone to play middleman between me and the big bad old world; I will not market or shop out my own work.

contact me either via myspace or via email at, This job would NOT include scheduling or dealing with my tattoo work in any way; only fine arts in plastic media. The only thing tattoo related might be promotion to include my work in tattoo-themed shows or galleries at some point, or shipping marketing materials or promo packs to tattoo magazines alongside more general "art" magazines.

If you aren't the right person, but think you might know them, please copy and paste this and pass it along.

No newbies to tech, please. You mustt also be able to handle ebay and O auctions at the very least.

thanks all, wish me luck

capm anj

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