Sunday, January 13, 2008

new year new beer

So I have been working. I had bronchitis, but I am all better now. Yay!

I worked on a rose as the last tattoo of 07. This year so far I have done only fun stuff....a few walkins, but mostly big appointments. It's been a good week now, all week.Photobucket

I sold a few prints (thanks guys!) and if I can sell enough to pay off the docs, then I can start saving up to print my book. I know you all would loooove that!

The book...well, I have two versions of it that I am gonna put together. One is available for tattoo artists only, the other is something anyone could read and enjoy. So y'all know which you're gonna want I assume.

I had fun doing this rose: she hates pink so I had to be careful with the highlights!

I also finally got together with melissa, and we started her leaves. I really like working in browns and subdued tones. There's a bit of a challenge there, that makes me happy when I work with it.


I really love working on Nicky's arm. (she's the girl with the raccoon coverup, from last month's posts). This is the start of her flaming dumpster...punk rawk woo hoo
not quite finished^^^

I also did a few straight lines around a guy's arm (forgot my camera though, shit!) finished anna's big amy brown fairy (no camera dammit, what a stupid day that was) and did this lil hummybird on a lady tonight.
I could have done better if we had gone bigger, I am sure of that. But it's ok, I got to use some bright colors and make a little texture in it, so all was well.

^^^very, very tiny. like quarter size almost.

I was spose to work on Apple but, I am pretty broke, so I had to go for the money! Next week, little Apple of my eye. Next week!

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