Monday, February 04, 2008

why yes, I Do take walkins.

Usually I try to leave free time on saturdays, so that I can take walk-ins, and have a little spontaneity in my week. This saturday, however, had a few of my favorite spontaneous tattoos ever!


This woman wanted a devil girl, to cover up a tiny hand-poked heart. We adapted one of Coop's awesome devil flash pieces into this hot, heart-breakin devil lady. She sat tough through the whole thing, too.

Then her pal got a ship outlined on his sternum. He kept asking "Are you sure you'll have time to do something small on me after her?" and somehow this turned into outlining a whole sternum piece, and planning out a chest panel too. They were a really cool pair, awesome people.


I did some painting this week too, and set up my art show at the Indigo.



I still can't get over how well the atmosphere in the place meshes with my work. It looks good on their walls. Hope everyone is ready for the opening next sunday!!!


Also I found a new big project to occupy my head with; writing an ethics seminar for next spring. whew.


Schtuff said...

A) I am so lucky, because you are so money you just don't know. And, it will be so fucking awesome to see you, I could just squeal (but, I don't want to wake everyone).

B) I made a video of myself (being a dork) on my new laptop for you. I figure you'll mash it up ten different ways, but I'm interested to see if you do anything with it.

C) May I take the seminar remotely? :)

resonanteye said...

a.)fuck yeah
c) hells no hahaha