Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the end of may

Is it just me, or does this dog look very afraid of this thing?

anyway, I went in around 5 today. Marilyn was working! It was great to get to hang out with her.

I finished up a hammer/Tsquare tattoo, but forgot to take a photo! Doh....then I did a pretty cool wooden thing too, that I also forgot to take a picture of.

Both were pretty cool tattoos. I got some groceries last night, and ate well today. Now it's off to bed, I have a big black and grey piece to work on tomorrow (challenging!) and I want to be perky for it.

Note: since my myspace is now a ghost town in which I will not respond, feel free to leave your weird comments here. You don't have to join anything, anyone can speak.

1 comment:

Schtuff said...

wtf is that thing? or, do i not want to know?

give bc that soy milk powder yet, man? >:)