Sunday, May 18, 2008

road news

I have been on the road for seven weeks. I planned on four originally, but a surgery, and then someone else's jerk behavior, have kept me out a few weeks longer. I'll be posting a HUMONGOUS update in the next few days, though, so never fear!

here is the list of stops from this tour:

Salt Lake City, UT...visiting Pierre at edison st tattoo, and the guys at Oni tattoo

Goodland KS (hotel, resting)

Allentown PA, guest spotting at the Quillian

Allentown, PA, the Skindustry convention

Philadelphia, PA- the Philly convention

Savannah, GA-- visiting Ron at aononymous tattoo

New Orleans, LA---EATING

Baton Rouge, LA--- EATING

(O, crawdads)

Beaumont, TX---visiting shane at tattoo mania!!!

Austin TX--- guest spotting at Atomic Tattoo, hanging out with candace and cory, and stopping in at South Side tattoo, and meeting Bob Moreau at Perfection, and Quickies (hiya Kieth)

Phoenix, AZ---hanging with my HTC kids and fam. HTC tempe rocks

SF/ Oakland/ Berkeley---visiting nochi and alex at industrial (and hanging with benjy, and kjiersta)

then home for a day

then Spokane, WA, --- the lilac tattoo festival convention

then I'll be heading home tomorrow.

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