Monday, June 02, 2008

some new stuff I've been working on

Now, personally, I only drink starbucks when I'm traveling somewhere where there are NO local coffee shops at all. In the northwest I never drink it- but man am I glad to see that green sign when I'm driving through west texas, or alabama, or central pennsylvania.


This young lady has been working there for a while. She likes her job a lot. Also, she loves mermaids, and woodcuts. The starbucks logo comes from a 15th century woodcut of a 2-tailed mermaid...with her breasts exposed. Since starbucks is all corporate and stuff, they of course can't use the REAL artwork in the logo- some middle-aged brood mare will get offended in Sandusky. So they hide her breasts.

I think she looks better in her natural state, though, and my wonderful client agreed.

Also, I'm almost done with this amazing tree. I think it's a lot more interesting to have the trunk off to the side, balanced by the more detailed areas in the branches and roots. It gives it a dynamic feeling, I think, and the leaves will be a nice touch when it's finished.


Also, while I was gone Louie refinished my floors, and they look awesome, nice and shiny now. My room is coming together and I really like having all the art hanging up that I got while I was on the road. The only thing missing from this space is the incredible painting I got from (ron at anonymous tattoo in savannah, GA) because I have that one hanging at home, where I can see it from my drawing board. He's a great artist, you should click on his link there and check him out.


doesn't the room look nice and relaxing? or at least interesting?

also for your viewing pleasure, the finished big skull painting, with a costello in the picture for size reference.

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Jordan Glenn said...

Your room looks really nice... and clean! Amazing! That costello needs a hair cut.

resonanteye said...

he also probably needs to be hosed down and sanitized.

Samantha said...

Anji that tree is amazing!!!