Wednesday, June 11, 2008

thinking, walking, trees

I had a good day today. I worked on a redwood tree, we are still not finished with it but we got close!

And I worked on a really cool backpiece that I'm collaborating on with Splat, it is trees, and water, with a castle in the distance...we got a lot done. I worked on one of the trees by myself today.

Basically it was a day of trees1 I love drawing trees.

Tomorrow I get to work on Jazzytoo, with Splat. Then on my pal Derick, and his lion...I will post pictures of that tomorrow as I think we may be finishing it then.

I was walking to work today and thinking back on this job I had when I lived in Philadelphia, right before I got involved in tattooing. I was very good at that job. I worked with this woman who was ripping off our bosses, and I remember when I left the job trying to tell him, that I had been getting paid well so I never needed to do that- but that she had more needs than I did, I guess, and that's whay she did retrospect I think she was on drugs. Maybe coke or something. It was not the cleanest work in the world but not all that bad- I never minded going to work at that job; that's a rarity for me- tattooing is the only other job I have not minded going to!

But I think also that it was the first job that paid me well, and where I was able to be myself fully at work. And that made it incredible to me, to begin with.

I don't know why I share that, it's just what I was thinking about on my way to the shop today. And then when I got there I was extremely happy to be at work, it really made me glad to be working where I do.

Also, on that note, I have one more painting up for sale on ebay, spread the word!!! I need to pay for these teeth to come out...I think I found a dentist!

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Benjy said...

Yay! on all accounts. I can't wait to see you!!!