Monday, July 07, 2008

fundable project


help me out! It's a 21st century sort of patronage. Instead of some pope, president, or big-shot paying an artist to work, YOU, my readers, viewers, and aficionados, can commission work from me.

I will need a whole day to do a watercolor this large, and if you guys hit my goal I will be able to do it. Anyone who contributes $25 or more will get access to a limited edition virtual print run/download. Or you can pay postage for me to ship you a paper print from the limited print run. This print run will be made so that there is one, and only one print, for each person who contributed.

Once the painting is done I will also make a high-res version (not numbered or signed) available for free download, so anyone who wants to can make their own print for free.

If you also want to submit ideas for images I should paint under this system later, let me know by commenting here. I'd be glad to talk about it.

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