Wednesday, July 16, 2008

work, and the all-edge brownie pan

this thing may just save the world...or at least make me more willing to cook brownies again someday.

I finished a rather large tree today- pictures tomorrow.
I also did some smaller pieces on a nice young lady, and did some more flowers on one of my regular clients.

It was a decent day. I was very rushed leaving for work, though. I was up late working on a new tshirt design, I decided the one I had been working on was not quite right, so started from scratch.

I think this new one is IT though. I should have those up here soon.

the brownie pan is here, if you were interested

1 comment:

Benjy said...

That pan is awesome! I like your bitter guy and girl articles too. The Yeltsin video... eh, it's ok, not that great.