Tuesday, August 19, 2008

all the bases covered

So I've been sick all day with a cold. I think I could feel it coming on, and now it's here. Not too bad but I stayed home today to write and read.

I have been working out every day, walking and lifting weights and stretching. It's rough getting back in shape but when your job makes you sedentary there's not much else you can do! I, like most tattoo artists, sit down all day long, sometimes hunched over in weird positions. I get the worst backaches and neck pain from work. I used to get massage therapy weekly but I need to find a new masseuse who will make house calls, preferably in the afternoon, on one of my days off. I don't drive at the moment so I need someone who can come to me. This is harder to finid than it sounds.

My classes are going well. I'm doing great so far. It's easier than I thought. I spent an hour or two last night looking up and applying for a bunch of scholarships and grants. The more money I can get for this, the less time I'll have to juggle with work. I haven't reduced my hours yet; I am still at work four or five days each week. I'd like to be working three or four days a week and doing research and writing and class two days. This would leave me a full day to paint or draw or...work. On my own personal projects.

I am really, really enjoying the shaved head.

Bruki came over last night and we ordered our new phones. Mine is so broken it's barely usable, so it's just in the nick of time that we did this. Verizon sucks- I downgraded from a smartphone ot a standard. They usually charge me 50 bucks for the "smartphone" package. Now that I am going to be using a regular phone, instead of just paying the 15 extra a month to tether (the only reason I chose the model I chose, actually, instead of the cheapest one) They're charging me some other cockamamie made-up fee that's equal to the smartphone fee- so yeah, my bill goes UP now, even though the phone's capabilities and what I can use it for, goes down.

WTF verizon. I am starting to hate you guys.

Anyway that's my update for now. I have a few small paintings to work on tonight, I may be up all night because the dayquil is kicking in, but I am sure I'll have some pictures to share tomorrow after work. I'm actually dyin to get in to the shop tomorrow. I haven't gone in on my days off this weekend, like I usually do, and I'm getting that homesick feeling I get when I haven't been in the shop for a day or two.

I wanted to go swimming on sunday but the sun went away. The rain is so good. I missed it. Today I drank coffee (yes, with the dayquil. Living on the edge) on my porch in the misty coolness. I always get happy and a bit nostalgic at the same time, when the rains come. It's the reason I live in the Northwest, after all; the rain, the rain. The grey skies and the strong coffee and the smell of the pine trees in the wind.

And as always, if you're a bored tattooer, check this page for updates, and feel free to comment there for me! I need all the help I can get!


schtuff said...

what classes are you taking?

Jarod Opperman said...

Yeesh. You and your immune system don't really get along, huh?
You ever get those pictures I emailed you?

resonanteye said...

yeah I did, thanks!

I get along with my immune system, just not other people's germs...

I'm taking english and a communications class to start. english major.