Sunday, November 20, 2005


It is my busy season at work.
I'm still broke, of course, being in a creative field means more glory than cash. But it's that time of year when it's too cold outsied to be stumbling home from the bar at night, or out hiking during the day, so I stay home and smear my nose against the grindstone until the weather clears.
In the last few weeks I have finished :
three major large paintings (meaning bigger than 2'x3')
a series of smaller drawings and paintings on paper and canvas
two small sculptures in relief (whew)
drawings for sideshow banners for our art party
at least ten outline drawings for clients at the shop
Two gigantic paintings of hands for our outdoor signage at work
a dozen or so tshirt designs
my business card art
I'm also in the process with
poster art for the happy bastards
record cover piece and tshirt/sticker designs for same
three new tshirts for the online shop
three more big wood panel paintings
flyers and posters for a few shows

and add to all this, the regular round of work doubled up, because of the rush to get tattooed before going home to visit and rebel against the folks at xmas, and I am what you say, a busy bees.

I hung out with thex on the weekend a little bit. Sometimes I miss that guy like crazy and sometimes I don't even think about it...also Jordache got kicked out of another country and so came home early, which was nice because missing him is much more immediate and intense...

I have katzen watching the chihua hua today. I am trying to teach him to use the litterbox.
I'm all done for now, more later.

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