Monday, November 21, 2005


I am hungry.

I could eat at:
---dairy queen. because it is across the street, I won't have to walk in the cold.
(a side note about distances-if it's more than one block away, it's "far". call me lazy, but I want food to be instant at this point and hate walking in general.)
---mexican breakfast. oh wait no, they close early.
---cafe sienna. the gyros are good but it's a bike ride, and that takes time.
---carl's jr. fucking nasty.
---the corner store/bodega. they have bad sandwiches, but it's near and cheap.
---ihop. they're pretty far too.
---pizza at sigh's. far, and also busy.
---the sushi joint. They are good food but the service eats my ass.
---subway. I hate the smell of bologna.

What I really want is a place that has fresh salads and hot filet mignon that delivers and is within a block of my work. Or, alternately, a sushi joint that doesn't make me bus my own table, order in line at a counter, and then listen for my number while waitresses hover around the back talking about pokemon. What is going on in this hard cold world when sushi is treated like it's fast food?

I'm a bit burned out lately and this makes it harder. I think dairy queen wins, not because they are the best, but because I like bacon and they are so close by.

Tonight is art night at my house. This means music, beer, and other artists and I sitting around drawing, painting, sewing, etc. I have to pick up some wine and pabst. I also have to pick up around the house a little. I also have to decide what painting I will work on. And I have to work a little late, because sami thougth her appointment was today when actually it was tomorrow. Dammit. I need to be more on top of my calendar if I'm going to do so much different stuff. It's just a skill I haven't learned yet.

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