Monday, January 16, 2006

badly edited politics

staying home for four more years Current mood: determined okay folks. I won't move to Belize. And there are some good reasons why. I've been thinking. This is a decent start. Yeah, I know. No-really. The fight is just starting. I know that everything is really bleak and fucked up right now. Half the people who voted think George Bush is a good leader for them Yeah. Horrifying. But half the people who voted are on YOURside. Millions of people are walking around in some kind of drug or drink induced rage right now, just like YOU. Milllions of people are throwing the pepper shaker at their mom. Millions of people are calling heir grandchildren and telling them off. Millions of people. Millions of people. Millions of us. Why the hell should we leave this place to the pigs and their greed? Why should we just let them take it? It's as if we've lost any fight we once had. Sane people don't often work themselves up into enough of a faith-based rage to fight back. Now is the time when we need to FIGHT BACK. drum circles, peace rallies, writing a letter to your new (unwanted) congressman-these things are fine, in a climate of open debate and logic. We don't live in that climate any more. The opposition cares more and has a lot more righteous frenzy. They will shoot doctors, bomb innocent civilians, force children to recite their dogma, force their daughters to have children they don't want, they will beat up gay people and black people. They will starve the poor and eat them, if they can. They are BAD people. This isn't a debate any more. This really isn't opinion either. This isn't about who's right logically. They don't care about the proof or the facts or what anyone has to say to them, what evidence there is. They don't see anything you show them. They hear nothing you say. They have no logic to bring to the situation. What they have, and what they kicked our asses with (barely), is conviction. If you really believe that the far right is very very wrong, try some old-fashioned non-violence. Try sitting down in large groups in the street. Get arrested for obstructing traffic. Hold sit-ins, not folk music concerts. That soft shit is why the sixties were such a loss. We have to be macho if we want to kick ass. We have to let the people who are running this country right now know that although they are elected to run it, they don't OWN IT. WE own it. This is MY country. I don't think we should give it up to them yet. It would also be a lot safer for us all if the world at large knew that we DO NOT approve of the decisions being made in our names. The midwest may have voted that fucker into office, but it will be beautiful places on the coasts that get attacked for it. I'm sickened and I'm angry and I'm scared too. If you can and as far as you can, be active. Stand up a little. If you've never done it before you will be amazed how good it feels to express your dismay and show your power. That's what this country is all about, isn't it? Let's use it and let's not be pansies any more. We have to beat them at their own game. This is not over. I have a feeling it's just about to get good and wild in here. And why would I want to leave before the carnival starts?

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