Monday, January 16, 2006

old time post-from 2003

Lizards on the wall while I'm sleeping and cats getting eaten by gators and big tattoos and rope swings and beer and decided not to eat beef while I'm here, out of respect for parvati. And eating a lot of pork chops. missing a home I lost last fall, missing my friends and green things and water, missing hot sex and loud laughs and is so dry here, my contacts cracking in my eyes. Peyote in the desert near carlsbad, clouds of bats pouring smoky from the hill then coagulating as they return in the morning. Arizona stray coyote dog crying in the rest stop, new mexico fake sheep, sign says "military facility NO STOPPING" when I stop to look at those fake sheep in the field. Car running fine, friends here get me new tires while I'm sleeping late. Show up with coffee, "we fixed your front tires, have some coffee" tho three hasn't been a mocha or a latte since the edge of CA...they built a starbucks here last year, theyt still don't know how to use the machines...bought an ancient roskopp skateboard with hosoi wheels at the flea market for a boy I like back home, five dollars and the guy says "dop you know how to ride it?" and I say "no but I know someone who will like it." went fishing caught a fish. stopped in NOCAL at pacifica at my favorite beach in the world with my friend jeannine, dug a lounge chair in the sand. The sign outside the tattoo shop here that I'm guesting at says "Tattoos and piercing" then the sign above that one says "chicken ranch". I will post some pictures soon. Guy yesterday says "I never saw a real live girl atttooer before" and I say "it's like the first time you saw a giraffe at the zoo, huh?"I miss green things. I miss water. I miss the kids in eugene and the fella in seattle and most of all I miss my dog. She is staying with someone, I may not be able to take her back depending on my situation. I don't know what to do after this buyt right now the road is my bride.see you soon]
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The less I have the more I gain

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