Friday, March 09, 2007

you did tube! I knew it!

Video number.."Hidden Horde" video of David Byrne.

I chose this one first because I wanted to review something that was well-produced, along with all the other things you'll probably think are ridiculous. This makes me very happy, deep down. I looove the Talking Heads.

They are one of the few musical groups who actually sing pop music that appeals to me. The lyrics have nothing to do with some "baaaaby" or "girrrl" or some kind of weird emotional drama I can't understand- the music itself is unrepentantly catchy, memorable, and rhythmic. They're all great musicians, and David Byrne as a writer, lyricist, filmmaker, and photographer, and artist in many mediums is nowhere near enough acclaimed. "True Stories" is one of my favorite films.

In all of his work you can tell that he is reaching for a deeper level of meaning- the trite and over-explained storyline of most "modern" art is absent. Even the neat and happy endings in his works are not to be trusted, never as cheap as the standard fare. I love the production level of this, too.

The video, of course, was produced quite some time ago. David Byrne is "out of the closet" as autistic, but doesn't have many of the insecurities about self-expression that many autistics do- he seems able to express the feyness, that weird sense that there is an alien view, an obscure origin to his thoughts, in a way that even those who are immured in the norm can understand, and lay their mind into. This is not so rare. I think it comes along with having a creative mind-being an artist makes finding that pathway to communication even more of a desperate and all-consuming struggle.

If mathematics is your interest, it's easier to be a classic "rainman". But for someone who wants to use sound or vision, learning to express the exact pinpoint of alien territory you are looking from, and then mapping it for people who have never been there, becomes a life's work. I think he's succeeded, he is one of my heroes for sure.

Hidden Horde has an excellent website and many other entries on youtube, check them out. You might be surprised, or not.

video number two= "Musium of Soda"(sic)

This is something I found one day with Benjy. We almost cryed laughing. Now, what do you do when you only have the same sodas you've had forever? You use the time machine. And pokemon is not real gold!!! If anyone can tell me what the thing is that he is using as a prop cash register, I would appreciate it. I usually hate the deus ex machina, but in this case the sudden reconstructed memory makes the plot come alive.

Also, I have to commend the choice of dialogue for the news announcer. His general tone was as convincing as watching FOX news, and for such a small production as this short film, that's saying a lot. Drew Hancock's delivery and timing is impeccable. The character of the soda guy, however, is my favorite. To have a supporting character written with such weight of backstory makes the entire production shine.

My very favorite most thing, is the reference to the classic sci-fi story, in which men return to the past as game hunters and hunt T rex, and one gets scared and runs off "the path" and steps on a butterfly, and changes the entire future. They refer to this story obliquely several times, and I believe that much as "Throw Momma from the Train" was an homage to "Strangers on a Train", "Musium of Soda" is a well-done homage to the story, the name of which I can't for the life of me remember, although I'm pretty sure it's a Harlan Ellison story that I read in elementary school while all my classmates were overinvolved in "Choosing" their own "Adventures".

Also, I have to say that I watched the "NOOOOO" scene about ten times.

All I can say about this one, is...

floating satanic cat head. I hope evil eve is watching.

three more in the next blog. look for it right here, on cabin fever week.

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