Friday, March 09, 2007

you? tubed? reviews

Here it is, the second installment.

They see me rolling. They hate it.
This is soooo sweet, naive, and yet touching. It makes me want to get a camera and just film smash chasing squirrels toward Harvey out in front of my block, or get a pooping dog on the movie, or any of the amazing stuff that happens on MY block (541) and make the movie with a really cool song on the soundtrack. This is truly inspiring to me. These kids rock the fuck out. They are awesome.I'm looking for extras for the local production of this film, if anyone is interested.

Now this...this makes all my nights with the DDR krew look retarded. That one guy? Kicks ass? With his feet? how the hell....I give up! All my years of imitating Michael Jackson as a kid cannot hold a candle to this kid's absolute mastery of form. Really, man, keep an eye on these guys. They will do something even more amazing soon, I am sure of it. This, America, is your future. And somehow, that comforts me when I start to get scared. I think my ancient self will be in good hands. If you feel like seeing more of this fascinating stuff, go to the video and look at "Target rave", also. It's just as excellent.

Okay, I can't really review this one, except to say that it's the. most. awesome. thing. ever. And that I feel this way every time I see my leg while I'm eating cheerios. Makes for a lot of spilled cereal.

I don't really want to review this one, because of all of this guy's youtube stuff, it's my least favorite, for many reasons (not least of which is that he is more attractive with gut and scruff-yeah, he's one of those... bruki. But my friend sean loved this one and laughed his ass off so much when he watched it that I felt I had to put it here, where he would actually be able to find it in his Luddite fear of surfing "the nets". So, here it is- the worst soundtrack ever chosen, for a movie about a guy in a box. Or maybe it's genius, how the hell would I know? I'm a critic, not a filmmaker. (this early in the morning, at least)That's it for the flicks, folks. I'm about half done withthe next Dos and Don'ts, and I'm sure there will be more. I have lungslugs, and cabin fever, and this is helping with the aching soulessness that is bed rest.

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