Monday, January 16, 2006

25 things

100 things about me that hardly anyone knows
(or"things that people mock me for all the time")

1.I love the rain, so I moved to cascadia. I have never owned, nor do I wish to own, an umbrella.

2.My armpit hair grows really fast, and stinks no matter how often I shower. This causes me to lose motivation, so I shower even less often.

3.I like really thin t-shirt material a lot.

4.I can't sleep on flannel sheets but I can sleep under them.

5.I used to wet the bed. This lasted until I was a teenager. I still do once in a while. I used to be embarassed but now I just figure it's the drinking.

6.I hate to draw when I'm alone. I find it easier to concentrate when there are several people talking in the background.

7.But I can only paint when I am pretty much either by myself or have just one (quiet) visitor.

8.I sing REM songs while I'm in the shower. If I think anyone can hear me I sing them under my breath. I don't like REM very much but they sound great in the shower.

9.I wish I was in a cover band where I got to pick all the songs.

10.I once was in a band called blonde plague. We mostly sang songs about the tv show the young ones.

11.I actually enjoy doing kanji tattoos.

12.Sometimes I wish I was a banker or something where I would get to wear a suit and tell people "no" when they are in need.

13.I hate children. Sometimes when I see kids out in public I just glare at them with hate when their parents can't see me. Then when they start crying I glare at the parents.

14. I really, really like quiet guys. I like it when a guy just lets me rant.

15.I drink a lot of coffee and sometimes I taste coffee when I drink tea or cocoa. It's like my taste buds have imprinted memory or something.

16. I once got salmonella from a sexual escapade.

17. I get tested every six months for STDS and stuff and I always get nervous as hell even if I haven't had sex in a year. It's like I think I can get syph from a toilet seat.

18. I love warning posters and propaganda art. Especially danger:machinery sharp posters and commie red WWII stuff.

19. I once fell off a tractor when I was sober.

20. I once drove a tractor when I was drunk.

21. I had my first sexual moment while resting during the climbing of a tree, and the wind caught the branch just right. mmmm....

22. I don't wear underwear. I think it's unclean.

23. I like the way it feels to put eyeliner on the inside of the lid.

24. Oculinctus is one of my favorite words.

25. I hate the word "meal".

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