Monday, January 16, 2006

greyhound rides

on the bus the man is talking about texas prison guard work, says the system is a failure, "you wouldn't believe what gets in there, how many guards bring things in, how the hell else do they get stuff? it's not the visitors usually. it's a big scam when they deny that its the guards. I wasa a guard but I was scared to lose my job, go to jail, other guys didn't care, after you look at humans in a cage like rats for long enough you snap, and then those guys would bring them whatever they wanted." other guy says he has known too many crazy women, "we were at the courthouse so she could get her papers and I read them to her. We realized she had missed a court date and she asked me to get in line for her, she hated standing in line, I said no and she screeched and screamed, EEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAARGH!(his eyes roll up inot his head, arms out like flippers bent and stuck from the elbows at his ribs staright out to either side, flapping) and then I was scared of her. I left her there, actually I never saw her again, she called once to see if I had her wallet that she left at my cousins house, I threw it away."
the nice old asian lady at the station asked if I was "colored", then offered me a ginger altoid. A retarded woman is picking her nose one seat up and across from me, I turn my head and look out the window. I try not to see her reflection but her light is on so it's hard to find the right angle to avoid it and still be comfy, argh why isn't there more space in the seat.

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