Monday, January 16, 2006

humpy madness

" Love is sometimes so amazing… You may dislike the person initially, then Fate decide to play both of you a trick; chemistry develop and love blossom. One day, he lets you down, n you hate him. As time drifts by, it heals your wound and the hatred lessen… When you see him accidentally someday, you realized that you dun have any feelings for him anymore… He was at the gym yesterday. He didn’t saw me.."

I found this madness on a really horrible weblog, which are things I seek out in order to waste the hour between one appointment that ran short and one that is running late. The guy didn't saw her. I feel bad, like I just watched a rat get its leg torn off in a cabinet drawer by accident as it was stealing baby formula...

does that make sense? No. But I read a bit back further and it develops that the story of forbidden (or forgotten) love on the page was actually more of a stalker-type relationship, with a rather large, stenchy, and unsavory future mommy-to-be hunting and hiding from a regular, boring, "hot guy".

And then, there are these fucking "people".* I am usually able to deal with points of view which differ from my own, as well as folks who have not quite gotten past the third grade yet. Sometimes that kicking-the-rock-with-your-toe feeling is actually fun. Sometimes randomly presenting your emotional load to strangers is amusing. Sometimes these things are okay. But combine them with the literary skills of a pre-lingual neanderthal, and a penchant for five-dollar words, and you have the ultimate nightmare of a website.

The only saving grace is that they appear to live in a city, so maybe, just maybe, they will be run under and crushed by a subway on their way to work at 7-11.

Now, I can get pretty sappy at times. I won't deny it. I have been known to blush, swoon, cry, and giggle abstractedly at the thought of "luv". But these are not feelings which need badly-counted iambic pentameter to explain. It's really simple. All they really have to say is:

"I am in love. I am giddy and the blood is now in my crotch, instead of my brain, so please look the other way so as not to see this train wreck."

Instead, it's like the mouth-breathers of the world just don't realize how terrifying it can be to actually read any fuller description.

Keep in mind, I say all this after spending an hour seeking the train wreck, so that I could stare at it while I drink my coffee, like an old conductor standing by the bloody rail saying "That's the fifth one this week, Earl. Better get the shovel."

*In formal grammar, quotation marks are used for two reasons. One is to indicate that a direct quotation is within them. The other is to indicate that the word in question is meant ironically, or with sarcastic intention. As in a sign reading;

Enjoy our "delicious" breakfast!

Meaning- beware of the pile of dogshit on your plate.

that's enough ranting for one day. My appointment is here.

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