Monday, July 14, 2008

vista and xp and red hat oh my

I sat and reinstalled everything on both computers tonight.

Vista took an hour to set up properly, disabling uac, puttin in my preferred setting, killing a load of services...all the tweaking I usually do to get anything running faster. An hour isn't long...

Because reinstalling XP made me realize- to get that OS running how I want, takes about three hours. Three times as long as vista.

I don't think I mind vista. It just took some hacking and messing around with it, and getting used to's not bad actually.

I am sure in about three days I will have found something very wrong with it that will make me hate it again, though.

I would tell you how long the red hat took but it still isn't done. So much for linus being "user-friendly"...sorry, but searching for drivers and installing them all a crappy outmodeed's just not all that great. I like the IDEA of linux. It's...familiar from my younger years. But it really, really sucks.

we live in the 21st century now. My computer should be doing almost every single thing automatically. I shouldn't ever have to mess around with it.

You know?

and mac...sheesh. yeah, sure. I want to NOT be able to share files, do p2p, or take music back out of my ipod. I hate that OS. If they made it more loosey-goosey I might re-think that, but they're the big DRM guys so I doubt that will happen. (and yes, drm is disabled on my pcs. all of them.)

Also Jim came to visit, and we spent the day at the river. I am freakin sunburned everywhere, and sore now. Ugh. The waterbabies spray-on sunblock does NOT work as well as the bullfrog, in case you were wonndering.

right now though, I am watching MASH on the TV, the movie not the show, and trying to find my photoshop 7 disc (which is missing, and so now I have no photoshop...I hate gimp too...oh well)


schtuff said...

i love donald sutherland and elliot gould in that movie. the film is much better than the tv show.

resonanteye said...

I also like the film better.

Benjy said...

I tried that spray-on stuff when Lisa H. and I went to the river and it seemed to work though not as good as the cream. Yeah, the movie is good and sorry I don't know anything about what the blog was really about.

resonanteye said...

hahaha I love you anyway, you don't have to know.